Let’s have a sleepover.

My house cool? I’ll order Japanese and we have ice cream. I feel like we need it.


Yeah i’m pretty sure I just called Winnie a poosh so i’m pretty sure it’s setting in and i’m about to get stupid as fuck

Are you going to be okay? Do I need to come over there and make sure you don’t die?


Don’t care about me, please. I don’t deserve it, I’m serious.

Just stop okay Kyle. For heaven’s sake. Stop. Your not gonna get me to stop so you should give it up. You don’t accept it now, just keep doing that. 


Well that’s unusual 

Not really, just not in me I guess. 



Sounds like a plan to me. I’m over this entire town. Next monday okay for our trip instead of Friday?


Pretty much, yeah.

Turns out it’s not that easy Max.


I haven’t gotten sick in 3 fucking years I doubt tonight will be any different, babycakes.

Better than me, I’d be stupid drunk right now. 


You get over it.

That your life motto? You just get over it?


You could try

I don’t have the heart. Or the energy right now C. Like I dont care to even argue. 


I just sat by the water and chugged down about 3 water bottles of vodka. It’s gonna be a good night now!!!

You’re going to get sick…